Hello 2016!

We have been busy the last few months, making some changes to Rockwell.  We have tried to give the dining room a little more cozy and the bar area seperated.  Please let us know what you think.  We are still and will always be a non-smoking family friendly environment.  

Along with that, we have some menu changes coming.  We have added two new burgers, The Duke and The Hatari.  The Duke is our half pound patty that has green chilies and chopped jalapeno bacon mixed into the beef.  If that wasn't enough we stuffed it with a 4 pepper havarti cheese.  We then serve it on our sinfully sweet sourdough cheddar jalapeno bun addorned with lettuce tomato and mayo.  This burger has plenty of flavor but if you want to add a little more "danger" to your burger, opt fot the Hatari.  This is the Duke topped with pickled jalapenos and our house made hot sauce.  These two burger are not currently on the menu but can be ordered, ask your server for details next time you visit.